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The Smoke Stacks towering over the Moss Landing boat harbor are more than a local icon from a fading past, they signify the birthplace of Monterey County cannabis leadership.


Just below these Smoke Stacks in 2014, a young cannabis startup, Grupo Flor™, re-imagined a blighted industrial park as a California marijuana business ecosystem. Inside the park’s old buildings, Grupo Flor™ enabled independent groups of cultivators, extractors and distributors to build their dreams. Outside, Grupo Flor™ worked tirelessly to transform the park’s political future. As a result of these efforts, the park has today gained the unlikely support of local and state governments.


The Smoke Stacks™ brand sources clean cannabis from the Grupo Flor™ family of independent cannabis production facilities located throughout Monterey County. Smoke Stacks™ is not just a nod to where Grupo Flor™ began, it is a beacon of a fledgling industry launched in the shadow of the old.​


Smoke Stacks™ flower is packaged by FlorX™.

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The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co. has been alleviating pain since the late 80’s, it has since evolved and been refined…..we began with the idea to facilitate self-medication without smoking Medical Marijuana.



It is known that both Coffee and Tea have beneficial side effects, with a recipe of all-natural herbs & spices that reflect our passion for alchemy, that are also known for their medicinal value, increasing blood circulation, endorphin reaction, countering the depressant characteristics of medical marijuana as well as enhancing flavor and aroma in our coffee, tea and cannabis-infused edibles.


Enjoy all the benefits of cannabis with our all-natural delicious smoking alternatives. Try our full line of hot and cold beverages for a lifting experience you'll love each and every time.